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Leigh Stoner & The Smoking Jackets

Leigh Stoner & the Smoking Jackets

The Smoking Jackets' next scheduled date is The OUR Fest, June 5-6, 2009. Check out one of Leigh's classic tunes, Eating a Mormon.
Greg Klyma

Town Meetin'

When the travels of roving bard Greg Klyma bring him back home to Buffalo, this is the band that is happy to back him. Features John Weber on Bass, and occasional guest appearances by many other Buffalo music luminaries.

(Former) Bands

The Strych-9 Band

The Strych-9 Band

Get "Leather Jacket" here.
Remnants of the once-great Strych-9 empire are available at Ron's site: www.jrhirschproductions.com.
50 Amp Fuse

50 Amp Fuse

My last (and first, and only) CD with 50 Amp Fuse was Dirty Sock Girl. But The 50 Amp Fuse is still going strong!

Johnny 7

Consisting mainly of former members of renowned Buffalo surf-rock band "The Surfivors", this was the ultimate cool rockin' party band. Still the only band in Buffalo with the Mersey Beat (whatever that was....)