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Audio Clips

JiBmaster "Spread it Around" School Pizza spread.mp3 1487kb
JiBmaster "Sandra K" (Unreleased) sandrak.mp3 3807kb
JiBmaster "Stumpaflaffa" Composition stumpaflaffa.mp3 965 kb

Strych-9 "Leather Jacket" Leather Jacket leather.mp3 4681 kb
Strych-9 "Black River" Leather Jacket blackriver.mp3 3700 kb
Strych-9 "Restless" Leather Jacket restless.mp3 3908 kb
Strych-9 "Comes & Goes" Leather Jacket comesandgoes.mp3 4996 kb

JR Hirsch "Suitcase Full of Dreams" Suitcase Full of Dreams suitcase.mp3 1219 kb
JR Hirsch "Find My Way Through" Suitcase Full of Dreams find.mp3 1218 kb
JR Hirsch "Confused" Suitcase Full of Dreams confused.mp3 1260 kb
JR Hirsch "Married to the Bottle" Suitcase Full of Dreams married.mp3 1352 kb
JR Hirsch "This Candle Won't Do" Suitcase Full of Dreams candle.mp3 1447 kb

Leigh Stoner "Eating a Mormon"   eating.mp3 742 kb
50 Amp Fuse "Tiny" Dirty Sock Girl tiny.mp3 651 kb